17 Best Stylish Bags on Amazon for Travel Under $75

17 Best Stylish Bags on Amazon for Travel Under $75


It’s easy to get caught up in practicality when we travel—where can I put this, what bag will hold that, and so on. Functionality and convenience seem to reign supreme when we’re on-the-go.

For those of us who value appearances, this can be a trying time. We want to maintain our distinctive style, but we also need to be organized and not compromise logic for fashion. If you’re stuck in such a dilemma, fret not! We’ve put together a list of the best stylish bags on Amazon for travel!

KAUKKO Backpack

With a classic design that utilizes buckles instead of zippers, the Kaukko Backpack stands out from the crowd in the best possible way. To complement the already eye-catching looks of this bag, the color schemes available are subtle with the perfect touch of brightness. The bag is also functional and constructed of high-quality materials that help it remain durable use-after-use. From laptops to travel essentials, this bag is sure to do the job and look great as it does!



HaloVa Travel Backpack 

An often-overlooked aspect of travel is all the extra planning that goes into traveling with a baby. The HaloVa Travel Backpack makes sure to address the category of adventure by providing a multi-functional design that can be used as a standard, stylish travel bag or as an incredibly spacious and well-thought diaper bag. No matter what you use it for, the high-quality construction and clean lines of the bag will make sure you look good doing it.



Scarleton Reversible Tote Bag

With luxurious synthetic leather that meets vegan standards and convenient features such as magnetic closure, the Scarleton Reversible Tote Bag is both stylish and practical. To add even more value to the already tremendous bargain of this bag, it is actually reversible, giving you two different color options for the price of one.



GEARONIC TM Messenger Bag

Messenger bags are roomy, convenient, and versatile. From use as a gym bag to carrying your laptop for travel, the practicality of this style bag is limited only by your imagination and sheer volume of stuff your trying to shove into it. The GEARONIC TM Messenger Bag retains this functionality while looking comfortable on the fashion runway. The combination of canvas and leather is classy and classic, meaning this bag will remain durable and stylish for as long as you choose to use it.


KROSER Travel Bag

Sometimes style and versatility collide in a beautiful, functional masterpiece. The KROSER Travel Bag is a great example of this. It can be worn as a backpack, giving it a casual fashion look, or carried by its attached handles, perfectly complimenting your more high-class outfits and situations. It also features a metal frame that helps the bag maintain its shape—no slouchy backpack here. You can even charge your mobile device on-the-go with a built-in power port, farther speaking to the clever design of this bag.


Mancro Laptop Backpack

The modern lines of this bag are sharp and thoughtfully placed, making it a stylish choice for travelers and students alike. The two-tone color scheme ads to the fashionable appearance of the Mancro Travel Bag, while the multiple compartments allow it to easily hold an impressive amount of whatever it is you need to carry! It even includes a built-in USB port for charging your smartphone or other small electronic device.


Venture Pal Backpack

Maybe hiking bags don’t need to be stylish, but what could it hurt? The Venture Pal Daypack is not only as durable and functional as you would expect from a hiking bag, it is also good-looking—perfect for those candid hiking pictures you’re inevitably going to post on your social media. It is incredibly lightweight while remaining roomy, meaning you can carry all of your gear (and look good doing it). When not in use, it can be folded into a built-in pocket that is about the size of a clutch. Now that’s amazing!


Winblo Travel Backpack

With three main compartments as well as several smaller pockets, the Winblo Travel Backpack is a great option for staying organized while on-the-go. The design is incredibly simple—minimalist, even—in the best possible way. The fabric used is durable and provides a slight pop that sets the appearance of the bag apart from others. It’s soft but mildly textured to the touch and to the eye, giving it a beautiful look that is sure to draw a few compliments as you journey about.


KOPACK Backpack

Often, the most stylish bags are those that are understated. The kopack Slim Backpack is the quintessential example of this fashion fact. It is lightweight, features a slim design, and is still packed with enough capacity and features to make it a fantastic choice for traveling. From the roomy compartments to the built-in USB charger port, this bag is high-quality, well-designed, and an overall great choice for people on-the-go.

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OutdoorMaster Hiking Backpack

Spaciousness does not always mean compromise in style. In fact, the OutdoorMaster Travel Backpack is as good looking as a bag can be despite its cavernous carrying capacity. It’s perfect for hiking, day trips, and beyond. Because it’s designed to be used outdoors, you can rest assured knowing that it’s built to last. If you’re traveling and need to make sure all your belongings stay safe and dry, simply pull the waterproof cover from its compact dedicated pocket! It’s the perfect clash of form and function.


HapTim Multi-Function Backpack

This stylish bag is the perfect middle ground between minimalism and extreme functionality. It has multiple pockets to keep all your travel necessities organized and secure but embraces the clean lines and simplistic design of modern architecture. It also happens to be super durable and waterproof, due in part to its use as a baby bag. So, whether you’re using it for yourself or your baby’s seemingly endless supplies, the HapTim Multi-Function Backpack is sure to do the job and look fantastic along the way. 


Ibagbar Canvas Backpack

If you’re someone who values long-lasting quality but doesn’t want to sacrifice impressively good looks, the Ibagbar Canvas Backpack was practically meant for you. It is constructed of extremely durable canvas with leather accents and offers several modes of transportation. From being worn as a backpack to use as a duffel or briefcase-style bag, the versatility of this bag matches its fashionable appearance. It’s sure to compliment your style, no matter what you wear or what mood you wake up in that morning.


High Sierra Loop Backpack

A bag that can be used comfortably in multiple situations is a good thing, but a bag that can look good in each of those situations is a rarity. The High Sierra Loop Backpack is one of those bags. Not only does it have the interior space—complete with convenient pockets and compartments—it has the stylish looks that fit in hiking the Appalachia Trail or walking through New York City. The system of cinch straps and the front hook—good for holding lanterns, water bottles, or just about anything else—add an impressive amount of comfort and functionality to an already great bag!


S-ZONE Canvas Travel Tote

Made of durable, high-quality canvas with genuine leather trim, the S-ZONE Canvas Travel Tote is a prime example of classic design and unbeatable functionality. With several simple yet eye-catching color combinations, there’s sure to be an option for any sense of style. Whether you’re headed to work, going on a quick weekend trip, or embarking on a week-long adventure, this bag is roomy enough to fit your needs!


Plambag Canvas Duffel Bag

Whether you throw it over your shoulder or carry it by its durable handles, the Plambag Canvas Duffel Bag has mastered the monochromatic-dominant color scheme. With the subtlest of accent colors, these bags work well with just about any style sense. The robust canvas construction is also as strong and resilient as it is attractive, which in this case means it’s thoroughly impressive!


Herschel Supply Co. Novel Duffel

Available in 45 different colors and patterns—yes, you read that right—the Herschel Supply Co. Novel Duffel is one of the best-looking duffels on which you’ll ever lay eyes on. From the detachable shoulder strap to the minimalist exterior, everything about this bag oozes coolness. The zipper is designed to keep water out and the bag features a built-in “shoe garage” designed to keep your kicks safe and separate from the rest of the items your carrying. It’s a fashionable and highly-functional bag that is sure to impress.


DALIX Two-Toned Travel Bag

Sometimes the smaller the bag, the bigger the style. This rings true with the DALIX Two-Toned Travel Bag, which is extremely compact, but still very functional and fashionable. It has several handles so that you can carry it, however, it also has a removable shoulder strap. It’s also durable and the perfect size for shorter trips or commuting.




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