Jia NuoLu EffectEffect
      "Enterprise culture carrier KAUKKO/ high road" is the "European leisure fashion culture", "happy, fashion, sunshine life attitude, adhere to the" a bumper grain harvest "core values, adhering to the" future growth, "cultural ideas, have let" KAUKKO/ high road "has become" the most valuable canvas the package of "historical mission, to achieve the great vision to lead the world China retro fashion".
      "KAUKKO/ high road" vision - let China lead the world retro fashion; intentions to do "good" package, let China design win world acclaim, let Chinese design to lead the world trend.
      "KAUKKO/ - the core values of the high road, a bumper grain harvest;" honesty, responsibility, sharing, embrace change and create value.
      "KAUKKO/ high road" mission - to become the most valuable canvas bag enterprise; to package based, inclusive, focus on core competitiveness, undertake more social responsibility.
      The tenet of "KAUKKO/ high road" is happy, fashion, sunshine, happy work, fashionable life, sunshine attitude.
      "KAUKKO/ high road," the ideal - growth and future, self growth, and company growth, in the development of the future win.